What unemployment has taught me.

Being only at the ripe ol' age of twenty three, it alarms me how absolutely panicking that word is to me;¬†unemployed. It feels similar to what I'd imagine imploding feels like, but as anxiety-inducing as this experience has been I've realized some pretty important things concerning my life and what I've been doing with it. … Continue reading What unemployment has taught me.


Conquering social discomfort.

One of the most painful parts of being a nonsocial person is those occasional, overwhelming urges to be social. But Natalie, this sounds like progress! Hooray! Go outside! Talk to people! Carpe Diem! No. This is anything but progress. Imagine, you've been home all day and have not walked outside for little more than to … Continue reading Conquering social discomfort.

The crippling realization that it’s just not going to work.

You know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about celeb crushes and don't you start getting all huffy at me because I'm about to lay down the truth. You hear a song, the music has got some bangin' riffs or the singers voice is the nectar of the gods or even the drum solo tssssed … Continue reading The crippling realization that it’s just not going to work.