Living with a Monster: A Small Rant on Body Hate.

"I've cried, and you'd think I'd be better for it, but the sadness just sleeps, and it stays in my spine the rest of my life." - Conor Oberst I had always imagined that the moment I turned 20 I would cut the red tape of a new mentality and embrace my new slate. That … Continue reading Living with a Monster: A Small Rant on Body Hate.


Daughter-Father Binge Watching.

So my dad and I have this pretty gnarly tradition of finding a television series and watching absolutely nothing but that show from start to finish. So usually about 2-3 times a year we go through this amazing period of being obsessed with characters, screaming at the television, cringing at the drama and making horrible … Continue reading Daughter-Father Binge Watching.

What unemployment has taught me.

Being only at the ripe ol' age of twenty three, it alarms me how absolutely panicking that word is to me;¬†unemployed. It feels similar to what I'd imagine imploding feels like, but as anxiety-inducing as this experience has been I've realized some pretty important things concerning my life and what I've been doing with it. … Continue reading What unemployment has taught me.


Now everyone is different, we are all either forced or eased into adulthood at various points in our life. My experience won't be exactly the same as another's but they're all mostly relatable. Growing up I was forced pretty young to mentally mature, although this didn't mean in the slightest I was emotionally or physically … Continue reading Adulting.

Being a superhero blows.

Superheroes are basically the Cinderellas of the galaxy. Let us delve into that theory, shall we? So you know that funny thing where if you have something, especially if it is something that has worth, then all of these people crawl out from the floorboards like giant hungry spiders and try to infiltrate their way … Continue reading Being a superhero blows.

Cringey “First Date”.

The amount of cringe that overwhelms my soul when I recount that dreadful day is nothing short of utterly painful. The absolute horror of being a human train wreck while being comical looking back, can also be incredibly embarrassing. It is one of the singular moments that really makes me shine as a person, a … Continue reading Cringey “First Date”.

Conquering social discomfort.

One of the most painful parts of being a nonsocial person is those occasional, overwhelming urges to be social. But Natalie, this sounds like progress! Hooray! Go outside! Talk to people! Carpe Diem! No. This is anything but progress. Imagine, you've been home all day and have not walked outside for little more than to … Continue reading Conquering social discomfort.