Daughter-Father Binge Watching.

So my dad and I have this pretty gnarly tradition of finding a television series and watching absolutely nothing but that show from start to finish.

So usually about 2-3 times a year we go through this amazing period of being obsessed with characters, screaming at the television, cringing at the drama and making horrible show-related puns. This also inevitably means that once said show is finished we go through an “adjustment” period. Basically we watch hardly anything and instead I mope around until we decide on a new show about how much I miss the characters and my father silently masks his pain.

It’s fair to mention we also have rules. First, we must both agree on the show to watch and we give any show the other suggests the first episode to decide. Second, we watch that shit until it is finished. And most importantly; re-watching a series is unacceptable and we’ve agreed not to do so until we have literally nothing left on this planet to binge-watch. So, for the fuck of it here’s a list of the series we have watched so far.

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Yep. This was the first show we ever binge watched together. At the time I wasn’t living with him and so every weekend we would binge watch this for as long as possible. This took a verrrryyyy long time to finish but overall it was great.

    2. Stargate SG1
    This show is still one of my all-time favorites. The acting was solid the stories were interesting and the lore overall was badass. When I moved in this was series numero uno we watched and it is definitely worth it if you’re into neat sci-fi series. There was certainly a void in our lives for a bit after this was completed.

    3. Sanctuary
    Now if you’ve never heard of this show it’s probably because it didn’t last very long. It is easily one of my favorite shows ever created and I’m forever sad that it didn’t go on to bigger and better things. I can’t even begin to explain the craziness without ruining any plot so just go, go watch it now. It has tons of great actors in it and the episodes are hilarious or dark, both work well.

    4. Warehouse 13
    Really strange, really great. Wasn’t in love with every episode or all the characters but a few of them did happen to go on to do other great shows and voice acting gigs.

    5. X-Files
    No stranger to this series, it always scared the shit out of me as a child. Well, more specifically the main menu noise scarred me for awhile. My dad would fall asleep and the DVD menu would repeat so down the hall I’d hear that creepy ass music for hours. Being older though I could appreciate it so much more, seeing not only the humor in it but also being able to appreciate the creepy stories.

    6. Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Well this series is an absolute dream. I fell in love with Data and the rest of the crew and while some episodes were a bit annoying or slow, most of them were so awesome.

    7. Criminal Minds
    Yeah this isn’t even a competition this is hands down my favorite television series. The characters are well-rounded and interesting and they hardly had any episodes that were basically cut scenes of other previous episodes, (can’t stand that shit). Matthew Gray Gubler is also a huge perk of that series because let’s be honest who doesn’t love the wide-eyed know it all?

    Currently we are working on CSI: New York. And that show is a load of bullshit. But we don’t bitch out of series once we start and we only have a few seasons left. No matter how terrible it is.


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