Being a superhero blows.

Superheroes are basically the Cinderellas of the galaxy.

Let us delve into that theory, shall we?

So you know that funny thing where if you have something, especially if it is something that has worth, then all of these people crawl out from the floorboards like giant hungry spiders and try to infiltrate their way closer to what you have?

This could be money you’ve come into, a skill you possess such as a mechanic or electrician, maybe you’re an unfortunate soul with a pool.

This happens to us all and isn’t it just a darn annoyance? By this I mean you want to throw a bundle of cash in the middle of an intersection and see what happens.

Now imagine you have some sort of “super” ability.

Flying, mind-reading, super speed, whatever commercial power you can think of really.

You think it’s bad right now because your classmates really want to take a dip in your new pool even though they’re not sure your name or even what grade you’re in?
Imagine the mafia or the government or that creepy old lady down the street that you’re convinced is immortal, pestering you to do things for them because you’re a special.

Suddenly everyone is entitled to your abilities, probably because they’re sore that the universe hated them so much they’d rather waste time giving you s.s.s, (special snowflake syndrome), than helping them pay their bills.

So they slap the title superhero on your chest to further confirm that you are required to do whatever for whoever because that’s the point of your existence.

If people cannot gain from something then they don’t want it to exist.

It would be like being a celebrity, except even more people hate you.

(I wonder if they would charge you a tax for having powers.)

In conclusion, to any villain ever created: I totally get it.



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