Letting go, (decluttering your shit).

Things, objects more specifically, seem to control us more than we control them.
Regardless if its sentimental value, nostalgic air of a different time or even a gift to yourself – these inanimate beings control and influence our lives heavily.

Here’s the run down:

Every day (depending on your schedule I mean), you wake up get ready put on your big boy panties and plastic smile and head to work. This is where you will do your expected duties for the next 4-16 hours.

The day ends until the next shift. You begin to wonder if all this misery is worth it and if you’d be better off frolicking in the woods with some birds going full-blown Snow White.

Unfortunately, there’s no WiFi in the middle of the woods so you scrap that idea and suck it up till payday.

Ahhhhh….payday…the most phenomenal and soul crushing day all in one.

You get money for all this hard work and for a minute it feels like it was totally worth it. Until the expenses of living come into play. Next thing you know you’re being pestered by Tom Nook, (Animal Crossing reference-what up), and he’s demanding you pay for all that oxygen you wasted when crying during your shift.

Now you are left with 1/5 of what your paycheck had started off as and you are left feeling screwed over…what do we do when we are sad?

What do we do when we are convinced we have been wronged and deserve something for the injustices of society!?

We buy shit. We buy clothes – shoes – televisions – phone cases – decor – etc.

So, like small children we demand compensation in the form of things and wham – congratulations you’ve had your paycheck an entire day and it’s completely spent up.

Now I am a firm believer in the whole: “treat yo’self”, policy.

That doesn’t mean take your weeks food money and go buy twenty glass pumpkins because they’re seasonal.

Oh, is being broke seasonal too Samantha because I think the fuck not.

We end up anthropomorphizing our possessions and struggle to let go, ending up in a vicious cycle.

So how do we combat this? Simple – stop doing this to yourself.

Quit hording things you don’t use or need – when you find something you lost and forgot about years ago and suddenly now you realize how much you miss it, toss that shit because it obviously isn’t that important.

Don’t buy stuff just for the pure fact it’s on sale; I’ve noticed my mom and I sometimes do that “who got it cheaper” competition. Randomly we’ll call or text each other and this is how the conversation generally goes:

“Hey. I just got a box of q-tips on sale for $1.29 and  I had a 50% off coupon.”
“Oh yeah? Well I just got a $400 dress for only $15.”
“But you don’t even have a kid!?”

Sigh. I’m not proud but it’s just how we are.

Also – quit feeling like you deserve retribution in the form of objects. Instead, save your money and use that towards something of more worth in the future.

Such as not being a broke bastard .

Donate the things you don’t need or want anymore to a local shelter or store, check wherever you live and I’m sure you’ll find some great thrift store that actually is intended for low-income families. That way you know your donations aren’t being sold for high profit.

Or sell your stuff. We live in a magical age of technology where second-hand is super trendy.
(Which is awesome because who wants to spend price tag money on stuff?)





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