For the love of books, I.

Hello, this is going to be a multi-part segment attempting to share the wonders of my collection of books with the world.
Mostly in hopes to help someone find their next new obsession and also this is a great platform to just rant about books. To start us off I’ll be sharing my long-running favorites.


  1. Shutter Island.

    Image result for shutter island by dennis lehane

    This book, this poor, poor copy I own has been through hell and back. It is riddled with dates and times from younger days when I had no bookmark but didn’t want to lose my place. It also contains the cutest little writings off to the side and circling of words when I was attempting to figure out the puzzle before the end.
    Simply put that novel blew my mind as a young blood and it still holds up as my favorite book of all time. Dennis Lehane is a fantastic writer and nothing really compares to the characters and settings he creates through words. I force it on anyone I know who loves to read simply because it is so brilliant. This book has traveled with me all over the states, this freaking book has seen more of the world than most adults have. It is so very easy to fall in love with the characters and to be quite honest the surprise twist is a lot harder to see coming via the book rather than the movie. Now I have seen the film and honestly although lacking, (as most paper to screen situations do), it was damn good. Leo, my man, I’m golf clapping on this side of the screen.

    2. Guilty by Reason of Insanity.

    My god this woman can write, for not being an author for occupation you’d never guess. Now as a soon-to-be Psychology diploma holder I often can’t help but to wander into the real-crime section of Half Price Books. What can I say? Human nature is the most fascinating area to study. Dorothy Otnow Lewis is the woman I aspire to be, without intention she ended up down a path of working with some of the most violent people around, listening to their stories of not only their crimes but of their traumatic pasts. This book is not for the faint-hearted, nor would I suggest you eat before reading. This also isn’t a book you can share with your friends or family and be like, “hey read this and let’s talk about it later”. It is that book you read and cannot stop reading but haunts you because of it’s truthfulness and it’s incredible ability to make you fill with discomfort. For me it is a window into the possible cases I may have to face as I journey on this career path and as disturbing as the content is I found it to be a great test of my empathy and stomach. If I ever get the chance to meet her I will be absolutely thrilled, so anyways yes this is a phenomenal read but don’t be ignorant in it’s crude honesty and graphic content.

    3. The Hobbit.

    Image result for the hobbit book cover

    If there is any book that can put me in the adventuring mood, it would be this one. Ever since I was a kid and got my yellowed copy from my grandmother I have been in love. J.R.R Tolkien was a master of words and a weaver of tales. The Hobbit has and always will be my favorite segment in the L.O.T.R series, it not only is a beautiful landscape that satisfies the traveler within but also remains a never-aging read because of it’s pure simplicity. As a child, this was my favorite book of all time but as you age your favorites change, this always will hold a dear place in my heart and shall always be perfect rainy day material.


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