Ahhhh pettiness, the utmost annoying yet uncontrollable desire to sulk, pout and stomp a foot in the general direction of whatever caused your unhappiness, (typically over something insignificant to the grand scheme of things).

As I have entered my adult life I have learned many things to continue to help myself grow and become an overall positive person. That being said even learned ideas aren’t always placed into action. I have a terrible tendency to be petty and hold grudges over the most ridiculous of situations. The worst part being is my ability to accept and understand the silliness in these feelings yet still holding them dearly close to my ever-frowning heart.

When I was a child I was attending a street sale with my mother, father and little brother. In eagerness with a few dollars, (how I wish I was seven again and could appreciate those pennies and dimes), I began rifling through a cardboard box. I couldn’t believe it, I withdrew five Pokemon Balls from Burger King with their little figurines inside. No way. Such excitement overcame my body as I waited for my parents to hurry up and approve this purchase.

Then, a boy and his little sister approached and asked to look at them.

Being nice, I allowed them to. You lied to me 90’s television shows; SHARING IS NOT CARING.

Ahem. As you can probably guess, they continued to buy said Pokemon figures and I shall never forgive them. My parents afterwards attempted to persuade me that they may have really wanted those or been less fortunate.

Unfortunately I didn’t, and still do not give a shit. It was on this day I realized from such a very young age that people are pretty much awful and will totally steal your Pokemon if given the choice.



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