Passion for fashion when you’re lackin’ the cashin’.

Let’s get out all the deep sighs before this begins. Inhale. Exhale.


So I don’t really care what age you are, if you’re a person with a serious love of current trends or setting your own then you know that cheap is the best way to go.

Thrift stores, hand me downs or stealing shit from your parents section of the closet or a sealed away box, what I like to call, “give it to me you can’t fit in it anymore and I can.”
(That argument by the way doesn’t work).

But sometimes creativity doesn’t really know what it’s doing, especially when you’re in high school. Your body and mind is changing, you have all these different cliques and you’re not only expected to do great in school while maintaining a job and social life but you also are pressured to figure out who you are right now and what you’re going to do forever. (Heads up, college is the same thing).

So the biggest identity and existential crisis’s happen in this time for obvious reasons. Unfortunately this results in some pretty god awful ideas of fashionable.

I mean for fucks sake a trend at my school for a bit was ugly sweater Thursday and I swear to god it was a big deal for my entire Junior Year. There was also the using your shoelaces as your key chain, tripp pants and pattern tights under ripped up jeans.

And does anyone remember when cami-tops over t shirts was a thing?
I don’t think you realize how stupid something is until you have a few years after the fact.

For me, it was sharpies. I can’t explain why or how I got away with doing it for so long but everything I owned had some type of sharpie on it.

My pants and hoodies were riddled with bored doodles of random bullshit that I’m sure was relevant at the time. My hair was blonde so I put steaks and leopard spots in that bitch everyday. But don’t get me started about when I was given colored sharpies and thought, “Yeah, putting a sharpie on my eye for eyeliner and eye shadow is a great idea. Weird it kind of burns.”

How did I not go blind. The world may never know.

Anyways,  no matter how stupid it is, (aside from the sharpies, that was very stupid don’t do that), if you want to rock something, just fucking do it.

You’ll have plenty of time later in life to cringe at yourself but for now do whatever floats your boat. Be a trend-setter or be a trend-follower, dye your hair blue and wear fanny packs.

You don’t have to be a master of sewing or crafting to pair cool things together. Thrift stores my friend and clearance racks. It never hurts to have a physical way of looking at your inspirations, pinterest is a magical place and I wish it had been around while I was younger.



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